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📰 Info

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📜 Description

Create Factions for Gangs, etc. with the build in Faction Creator.
Factions have also their own Garage (not in the Video shown). Only Faction Members can lock and unlock the Factions Vehicles.
You can replace the buid in Notfications with your own.
You can add as many Gangwar Areas as you like,
you can also add as many Robberys with there Rewards as you like, also you can set the maximum Level that is needed to do bigger Robberys.

💡 Features

💻 Menu
  • Use build in Colors and Color Picker to select the Factions Color
  • Main Tab, contains a Progress Bar and the Faction Level, an Invite Box, the Colors to choose from and Buttons to open the Factions Warehouse, Money, Shop, FFA
  • Logs Tab, for all Changes made to the Faction, search for Actions or Player who made the changes
  • Members Tab, to set rank for each Faction Member or kick the Member (Uprank, Derank, Kick)
  • Settings Tab, to edit Permissions for each Rank and change the Rank Names
  • Missions Tab, displays the Faction Missions and a List of Missions to choose from that refreshes everytime after a specific time

🎨 Creator
  • Edit Position, changes the Faction Position for the Menu and the Garage and also the Model for each NPC
  • Edit Color, changes the Color for the Faction directly in the Creator itself
  • Garage/Member List, displays all Vehicles/Members of the Faction, also can remove Member/Vehicle from the List
  • Amount of Ranks, sets the amount of Ranks the Factions should have
  • Warehousespace, sets the amount of Items the Warehouse is able to store
  • Enable/Disable Robbery/Gangwar, can be set to enable or disable the Robberys/Gangwars for the Faction

🏠 Warehouse
  • Store Items, in the Factions Warehouse if you the member has permissions to do so
  • Filter Weapons, can be set in the Config, if the Weapons and Items should be seperated

  • Select Weapons, can be used by Members with the permission to select weapons for FFA can select Weapons that should be used in the FFA , the Weapons that can be selected from can be set in the Config
  • Set Position, for the FFA in the Config or set if the FFA should be on the Faction Position

🔫 Gangwar
  • Start a War, by attacking a Zone that got captured by another Faction
  • Conquer, the Zone by winning the Gangwar against the other Faction
  • Rewards, the Faction that wins the Gangwar. Rewards can be set in the Config

💰 Robbery
  • Informant, randomly appears on different Spots that can be set through the Config, he gives you the Information for the next Robbery
  • Start a Robbery, by going to the Location the Informant gave u and Press E in the Marker
  • Rob together, by simply going into the Marker of the started Robbery, but participants can also not leave the Robbery once they have joined

  • Create Missions, create your own Missions for the Factions, all Missions can be combined with extern Scripts, set the Loot for each Mission, etc.
  • Available List, displays all random Missions (Amount of Missions can be set in the Config). The List Updates after a specific time, the refresh time can be set in the Config

⚙ Dependencys

  • qb_core / es_extended
  • Lua Basic Knowledge (Config)

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